Music Therapy

Mental Health

How does music affect your mood? Music is a powerful tool to assist with managing our mental health. We experience music in so many different ...
Art Therapy

Need SPRING in Your Step? Music Can be a Self-Care Tool

Spring is here at last! The gloom of Winter gives way to more sunshine, longer days, warmer weather, and the brightness of new blooms. Do ...
Art Therapy

Visual Aids

Visual Supports from Music Therapy Sessions to the Home Article by Music Therapist Faith & Ants Art by Art Therapists Katie and Erica Music is ...
Art Therapy

Do you consider yourself creative?

Do you consider yourself creative? Many may answer NO to this question… But I beg to differ! According to Google, creativity is defined as “the ...
Sensory friendly halloween strategies, navigating Halloween with neurodiverse children, sensory-friendly Halloween
Art Therapy

No Tricks, All Treats: Sensory-Friendly Halloween Strategies

With all the fun and excitement that comes with Halloween, for a sensory sensitive child, the activities and circumstances surrounding it may be overwhelming. Creating ...
a small child's hand finger painting with vibrant colors. Healing harmonies Music therapy website

When Words Are Not Enough

Discovering the Benefits of Art Therapy For All Ages Have you ever been in the midst of sharing a story and found yourself stuck on ...
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