Need SPRING in Your Step? Music Can be a Self-Care Tool

Spring is here at last! The gloom of Winter gives way to more sunshine, longer days, warmer weather, and the brightness of new blooms. Do you ever feel one step behind? Do you feel stressors and their accompanying emotions weighing you down? Do you need some SPRING in your step? Music can be an excellent self-care tool.

Spring is more than rainbows, robins, and butterflies. Spring is change; rapid change! Stress and emotional weight often coincide with change. Spring offers a beautiful image on how one can approach working through change, and music offers us the tools to help chart the course!


Spring literally opens up the floodgates. Rainfall and runoff is nature’s way of letting go and clearing away to make room for new growth. In order to find SPRING in your step, releasing the negative things you are clinging to, or releasing the desire to hold on to the things that were, is the first step. Release can look and feel like many things: maybe you need mental/environmental spring cleaning, a change of perspective, to get moving and release pent up emotions, or just a good cry. Here are some ideas for using music for release.

  • Music for mindfulness: find some atmospheric music and grab a journal/coloring page and pencils. Let your mind slow down it’s pace, so you can make room for new information or perspectives
  • Music for Cleaning House: Turn on some music that motivates you. A playlist with fast tempos, driving rhythms, and positive messages should do the trick
  • Music to Move You: Need to go on a run, ride your bike, do some yoga or yard work? Find songs with a tempo that fits your pace. If you need to focus on your
    movement/breathing than go instrumental, if your movement/task is more mindless/repetitive, find some songs with a message that’s motivating. If you’re starting with a bit of angst, work your way from broody to bright.
  • Music to release some tears: make sure you have the time in your day and a safe space, privacy, and someone near or you can call if needed. Make sure whatever music you use is not “triggering” (related to any trauma or traumatic event), but holds messages
    that are sentimental to you, connected with release/letting go, and/or speak a comforting word to your circumstances/struggle.


Spring is rejuvenating! The rain, the runoff, the sun, the return of bugs and birds and beasts, all help restore the environment after a lengthy time of dormancy. Once we release and let go, we have room to receive those things that rejuvenate us. Music can be a great tool for replenishing our reserves.

  • Find a specific music artist you really relate with on a more personal/life view kind of level, or try listening to songs specifically connected with values that are important to you.
  • Choose a specific word that stands out to you like (hope, joy, courage, strength, patience, perseverance) and you can search songs on that topic.
  • What’s your need? Is it to….Alter your mood? Put on music you love and maybe move/dance along. Connection? Try going to a concert or open mic night or maybe connect with friends by sharing songs you love over social chat platforms. Something new? Try picking up that instrument you’ve neglected lately, learning a new instrument, or using music apps to explore new artists.


Spring is the one season that can really make one stop and relish! It’s rapturous and radiant and invites us to take a moment to pause and soak up the warm sun on the skin, push back the dead leaves to see that fresh green spike pop through the dirt, or listen to the robin’s cheerful song. Part of retaining the SPRING in your step is reserving time to relish the good things, and finding gratitude in them. Music can help with this too!

  • Find your matra song to get you out of your head or to-do list and refocus your intentions.
  • Take a brief moment of yoga/meditation and using music to set your environment just right and set the tone for your day.
  • Play your favorite music to find a little joy wherever and whenever you can.
  • You can also find/use specific music to put words to moments and feelings you face, as an outlet of expression.
  • Make space for fun music experiences on your calendar this Summer! Reserve a night out at the restaurant with the live band, visit a jazz club, or find that free outdoor entertainment.
  • Relive special moments of joy in life by turning on the music associated with it. Reminisce with songs from your highschool/college days, that special vacation, your wedding day, etc.

Seasons change. Whatever season you find yourself in today, know that your time to rest, grow, enjoy, and let go will come and go. The real question is how will you embrace each season and what can you do to equip yourself to roll with the seasons. Music is there for you and created by
people who have been to that space, that inspired that song, that speaks to you. You are not alone.

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